Why Metro Dogs?

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, many of whom have a love of dogs but lack the understanding and knowledge of behaviour modification and training.

Pamela can assist you in helping to solve your dogs behaviour problems in a humane, kind and gentle way. She has over ten years experience in dog training and behaviour, which has included competing in working and field trials throughout the United Kingdom.

In addition to her experience she also holds an Australian professional qualification obtained through the National Dog Training Federation and is qualified to teach assistance roles.

Pamela has worked along side other professional trainers and has attended many seminars in her quest to enhance her current knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour. She has helped rehabilitate street dogs in Thailand. This experience gave her invaluable knowledge and understanding of dogs and behaviour.

Pamela is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Full membership is achieved after undergoing a rigorous selection process and meeting stringent criteria.